Saturday, September 18, 2010


I saw a new doctor on Thursday...Dr. Ritch at Froedtert. He was originally recommended to me by two of my original doctors, but for various reasons I went elsewhere. Now, for other reasons, I've switched to him.

My mother-in-law and Eva came to my appointment with me on Thursday. My mom wanted to come but couldn't get off of work. :( Anyway, we waited for 2 hours to see the doctor, during which time I became rather nervous. I had heard all kinds of things about Dr. Ritch that made him seem "scary." I felt intimidated before I even met him. I spent a lot of time before the appointment praying, and once we got into a room, Jeanette and I prayed. I know Jesus was there holding my hand because I felt so much peace. Once I actually met Dr. Ritch, I felt silly for being so afraid. I could write for many paragraphs about why this is, but much of it was intangible. I just felt comfortable with him. I could ask him questions, and I felt he really listened to what I was saying. He was very attentive. I now feel very much at peace with my choice to switch doctors/hospitals.

Right now I ask for your prayers for wisdom as I figure out the best way to deal with pain. I haven't been sleeping well because of it, and it has been an emotional challenge. However, last night I determined it would not get me down, and so in the middle of the night while waiting for my heating pad to warm up in the microwave for the millionth time, I just danced in my living room and praised God. (my neighbors probably think I'm crazy...and you would too if you've ever seen me dance)

Now for the exciting news! Tomorrow Matt and I are going to the Packer game!!! The tickets were a gift from Lisa Boortz and her husband. I have only met Lisa one time, and am just blown away by their generous gift!! We are so excited. Pictures to come... :)

Another huge blessing in this past week... I had "baby food" on my grocery list, and before I made it to the store I was given a HUGE supply by two of my cousins. They both have babies who have moved on to real people food so they didn't need it anymore. Thank you God! (and Shawn and Karen)

Well, I'd better go get Eva's things together for her day with Grandma Gigi tomorrow, and Matt's and my things together for the game. Woohoo! Goodnight :)


  1. If necessary, I can post video of you dancing (2 weeks before Eva was born), at Kristi's wedding. Just let me know if you'd like me to do that to help people visualize what you looked like dancing! I love you, my baby girl!

  2. Sooo jealous, Rachel, you are going to the Packers tomorrow!! Thanks for stopping by Shopko - it's always nice seeing you and Eva. (Bob and I were talking about how smoking hot you were looking!) I will pray you have a better relationship with Dr. Ritch and get more of your questions answered. Thanks for updating your blog! Oh, and you are an awesome dancer - saw you at Emily's wedding - but I wouldn't mind seeing the video your mom has. ;-)

  3. I couldn't even watch the video from Kristi's wedding without my face turning bright red. Granted, I was like 10 months pregnant, so that may have impeded my mad skills...

  4. Hi sweetie, I will pray that your pain disappears immediately. I am glad you are going to Froedtert. We do all sorts of traditional and expermental therapies, and you will receive awesome treatment. Please stop by the GI lab. I am there most Tues and Thursday's. Take care darlin'