Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today I am praising God for strength! The Word of God is alive and true. I have kept reading my "strength" verses every day, and each time I do they become more alive to me (rather than becoming "old hat"). I feel very good today, completely strengthened and alive; no longer weary.

May I recommend a book to all of you? I just finished it last night. It's called "The Cross and the Switchblade" by David Wilkerson. It's a true story of how a small-town pastor started a hugely effective ministry to some of New York's hardest gang members in the 1950's. (The ministry still exists today). The book itself is a page-turner; it simply tells a good and intriguing story. But what I absolutely love about it is that it depicts the purity of God's love and compassion for people. If you've ever doubted that God's love and power is real, I urge you to read this book. (and even if you haven't, I still think you should read it). :)

One thing I noticed about myself in the past weeks is that my interest in my appearance has been waning. Running through my head have been thoughts like, "I am freaking 27 years old and have no hair. Why should I bother to put on makeup?" I used to enjoy getting dressed up and such, but lately there's been no joy in it. Well, for whatever reason yesterday I woke up with a renewed spirit (has someone out there been praying for that?). I decided I was going to look nice for a change, and NOT like a cancer patient. I've had a wig for some time now that Aunt Betsy (who is currently battling cancer for the 3rd time) graciously lent me. I don't know why, but I never wanted to wear it. Yesterday I decided I would. I felt a little embarrassed about it at first, but once I got used to it, it was wonderful! I put on makeup, wore some favorite clothes, and had a really nice day of it! :) I'm back to the bandanna today, mostly because I don't know how to care for the wig. Note to self: call Aunt Betsy and ask her. :) Anyway, here's a picture of me in the wig. It's a little askew here, but you get the idea.

I had a wonderful lunch date today with Michelle Frie. She and her husband are pastors of Metro Harvest Church here in Menomonee Falls. I've gone twice (and Matt came with me this past week) and I really enjoy it.

Oh, another example of God's provision before I close this. Today I was at Target browsing the baby aisles and they had 7 cans of Enfamil ready-made formula on clearance for $2.50 (originally $6.50). I thought for a minute that maybe I shouldn't buy them, recalling the Bible story of the Israelites "storing up" manna and having it go bad because they weren't trusting God. But it's not like I went to Target to buy formula because I wasn't trusting God to provide. It was just there, and for such a good deal!! So I bought all they had. :) Then I got home and saw on my mess of a desk that I had Enfamil coupons (sent to me by my cousin Jodi...thanks Jodi!) for $5 off. So I will go back to Target with my receipt and see if they can still apply the coupon. I think they should be able to. Thank you God!

Hehe, I didn't think I'd get to write so much because Eva was getting fussy in her Pack N Play. But before I even had a chance to go get her, she fell asleep. she is such a sweet girl, and such a source of JOY in our lives. Thank you God for the gift of Eva.


  1. You look great in that wig. I'm so happy to read that your spirit is back! Prayers and love from California!

  2. Precious Rachel, You look STUNNING in this pic (of course Eva doesn't look too bad herself!)...Thanks for the encouragement to read Cross & Switchblade--I last read it about 100 years ago...but I'll go back and re-read... Love, HUGS + PRAYERS coming at ya from Colorado!!! Diana Powers

  3. September 11 has a very special meaning for me personally. Sept.11, 2007, was my last day of chemo and radiation. I rejoiced and celebrated being "cancer free". The Radiation Dept. at Columbia St. Mary's has a special celebration room. I wore my Butler University blue and white colored wig (thanks to my daughter, Melinda, the Butler grad), rang a very special bell, read a poem on the wall written by a former cancer survivor, and thanked God with every ounce of my being. I know I used the word "special" quite a bit because you and I are special. God knows that whatever comes our way, we will be ready. I pray that one day soon you can borrow my wig, ring that bell, read that poem, and celebrate being a cancer survivor. Love and prayers are coming your way every day.
    Cathy Q