Friday, June 18, 2010

Just a few random thoughts...

A quick update on my hair. It seems to have either stopped falling out or considerably slowed. But the damage is done. There's not much left. It looks quite freakish, and I have trouble looking at it as there's quite a bit of scalp showing. I've been wearing bandanas ($1 from Walmart!). Last night, Matt asked to see it so I finally let him. It was hard. I cried for a minute or so, but he hugged me and told me I looked cute in bandanas. He's such a sweetheart. Here's a picture of me getting chemo last Friday. (Eva and my mom went with me.)New subject: I wanted to share something that has just been so powerful to me. It's a 20-some minute-long testimony about a little girl that was miraculously healed a couple years ago. If you're having trouble believing that healing really happens today, or if you just want to hear an awesome story, take the time to watch this. I watched it during chemo last week. Oh, and I actually met this little girl's dad (Ashley Terradez) when I went to that Andrew Wommack conference the day we got back from Houston.

Have great days, all!

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  1. The dollar bandanas from WalMart are my favorite. I have almost a drawerful. I even have Christmas ones... one for every occasion actually! I even have some two-tone bandanas that look like I'm wearing two at once. I went a little crazy with them at one time...

    Thinking of you a lot lately.