Friday, June 25, 2010

PET Scan, etc

Thanks all for your prayers today. The PET scan went well. No results yet, but we wait with joyful expectancy. I told one of the techs, Natalie, that I was healed, and she seemed really interested in what I had to say. She told me I should write a book or a journal or something. I told her I have a blog. :)

After they injected me with the radioactive glucose (seriously?) I had to lay still for an hour in a room by myself. I prayed, commanding any last tumor cells to leave my body in Jesus' name and then I dozed off. Natalie came back in after the hour was up and said, "Did you tell those tumor cells they had better leave your body before this scan?" I thought that was an awesome thing for her to ask, since I hadn't told her that's exactly what I had planned to do. Ha, or maybe they have a camera in that room. I hadn't thought of that until just now. :)

After the PET scan I had an appointment with a nurse practitioner named Lindsey. I hadn't met her before today. She's very nice.

She said that my blood counts look great. I then asked her if they'd tested my tumor markers. Now, at a previous appointment with Dr. Johnson, he said that "some went up and some went down." Ideally, he'd like to see them all come down. I found out more specifics from Lindsey today. She said that they've been looking at 4 separate markers. Two of the 4 have been trending down, but the other two have gone up. For the two that have been trending down, I don't have today's results yet because they have to send them out. But on the two that have been going up, she said, "I just looked at these numbers, and they've come down...well, I don't like to use the word substantially, but they've come down...a lot!" I asked her for specifics, and there was one that was over 400 two weeks ago that has come down to 100-something and the other was up over 200, and is now at 85. (Note: for those of you who are reading this and are oncology professionals, you're probably frustrated with my idea of "specific". I know one of these markers was the CEA, and I think the other was CA 19-9, but I can't be sure. Sorry!)

I asked Lindsey if this was what they would expect to see, and she said, "Well, this is very, um...I'm very excited about this, and I know Dr. Johnson will be too."

Thank you Lord Jesus for your kindness...for giving me more proof of what I am believing. By your stripes, I have been healed! (1 Peter 2:24)

Wow, there is so much more I would like to write about, but my dear sweet husband is home tonight after working almost 70 hours this week, and the princess is sleeping so I am going to go spend some much needed time with him.

Love to you all!

Oh, and I almost forgot. I think I changed my settings so now anyone can post comments, not just those who sign up. Just a reminder, if you do post a comment, please please sign your name so I know who you are. Thank you!!


  1. Rachel this is great news. I have been praying for you so much. I was at the Taste of Chicago today and was remembering last summer a week before it when you told me about Eva and how you were bummed you might not make it to the festival. I miss you so much!

    Continued prayers daily,


  2. Wonderful news Rachel!!! You are a strong, brave woman, and we're all praying for you!!!

  3. Still praying for all of you for the best. Thanks for the good update! Carolyn

  4. Thank you for sharing, as always prayers for healing...

  5. Praise God, that is awesome news! Tears of joy! Kerry

  6. Praise be!!! thats amazing. God bless!
    (friend of Michael)

  7. Your mom told me this story the other day, and I got goosebumps. It was amazing. You stay strong, and I'll keep praying :) -Sammie

  8. yeah! God is great and I love you!

    Gina <><

  9. Awesome! always praying for you!