Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Offers of Help...Calling them in! :)

Your offers of help have been overwhelming in the best way and, and I'm finally getting a grasp on the need to have an official way to coordinate everything. If you're interested, there's a website you can sign up on that will eventually house a calendar with all upcoming events that we need help with. The first step is just getting a group of volunteers signed up. Go to this link to add yourself, if you are interested.

For me to ask for help in this way would have been difficult just a year ago (rather, it was difficult when I was so sick from being pregnant) but God has broken my stubborn spirit in the best way, and is teaching me that there are just some things you can't do alone! (Cancer, chemo and caring for an infant is just one example.)

Just know that one day (soon!) I will be back to health and willing to help any and all of you in whatever way I can. Not because I feel I have to repay you, but because I have been so blessed by each and every one of you that it will be my pleasure.

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