Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random thing...

So I absolutely love it when you comment on my blog. It lets me know I'm not writing to no one, and that people are actually reading. :)

Sometimes when people comment, all it shows is their screen name and if that doesn't have their name in it, or if they don't have a picture then I don't who's doing the commenting. Point being this...keep the comments coming and perhaps sign your name on them so I know who are you because I like to know who's writing to me. :)

Thanks for reading! I am so surprised when I hear of all the people who are following my little life. God is going to do AMAZING things, so keep coming back for more! :)


  1. rachel, i know i've never written a comment and i probably won't too much but i want to let you know that i check your blog everyday and i pray for you consistently.

    with much love,

  2. i usually read all my blogs through google reader so i never visit the actual blog so it's always an extra step to leave a comment but i know what you mean about getting comments so here's letting you know that i'm reading and praying for you!

  3. Rachel..I follow your blog regularly and pass along the updates to the prayer chain at our church. Many people are praying for you. I don't usually leave comments either, but I am always "here" with you.
    Cousin Susan McGuan

  4. Rachel I hope the day went well for you and that you were able to rest periodically. Prayers are flowing for all involved and hope to see you again soon xoxo
    ~ Nann ~