Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So Much Hope

Today we were at M.D. Anderson, and I was thinking "I should be so scared. I should be so uneasy. But I'm not. At all." God has given me so much hope. He is with me in such a real way. I didn't become anxious before meeting Dr. Varadhachary (as I had before meeting Dr. Evans). I feel like God is doing something so big that I cannot even begin to understand, and for that I am excited. He is bigger and more powerful than even the best doctor in the world. Does this peace that I have seem counter intuitive to anyone else? I am awed at it, because I realize this kind of peace can only come from God as I remember His promises and learn more about them. He is a GOOD God, and He takes care of His children.

Thank you all for your prayers. Keep them coming please! I have prayed that tomorrow or Thursday when they do the CT scan (they're trying to reschedule it for tomorrow) that they will be shocked that my liver lesions are shrinking or even gone. Perhaps this sounds ridiculous to some of you, and I understand that. However I am being made aware of similar miracles that have taken place in other people. As I hear their stories, my views and beliefs about healing are being challenged. And this is a very good thing.

Now for the practical part of the update: I had some labs drawn today and saw Dr. Varadhachary. She wants to review the pathology and do some re-staining, as well as look at the new CT scan they're doing and from there she will make her recommendation for treatment.

Our hotel room is lovely. The weather in Houston is hot and humid, but I'll take that any day over the 41 degrees and drizzle Germantown is seeing today. :)

Oh, quick cool story! We didn't bring Eva's car seat base, because we thought we'd just strap her in using the seat belt method if we decided to go anywhere. Well, turns out we're going more places in the car than planned, and it's such a pain to strap her in each time. We went to Target to see if they had any bases, and they had one that was originally $40, but had been returned from an online purchase. The clearance price was $10, and it was even the right color! How great is that!


  1. Hey Rachel- I'm so glad to hear about your overall attitude going into the appointment today. I pray that the CT scan goes well and they are able to figure this out and give you a treatment plan and send you on your way! In the meantime, enjoy that muggy weather and your nice hotel room. That picture is adorable! Eva's first stay at a hotel???

  2. Hi honey girl...I am praying and praying and praying for you!! God does make miracles happen!!! Also, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, so keep thinking those "positive thoughts of healing" and we'll all keep praying...(and keep up with that asparagus!!:) Take care sweetie!!